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Nowadays newsportals are becoming more and more popular among the population who want to be always aware of the latest news. They seriously leave back the media used to be popular (such as newspapers, magazines and the blocks of news on TV). Each minute something happends in the world and they are the sites of news which react to it first. Moreover, these portals provide people not only the facts, but also the comments of famous people: professionals in their field, movie stars and show business personalities, politicians, etc.

News pages – this is not only a possibility to get acquainted with events, they are also a kind of infomation repository that any time you can turn to, not keeping the paper mountains. If there is a particularly intriguing facts may be examined and by sending them a link to a specific page.

Our company also opens news page, where our clients, and any interested user can read the latest developments in the world of cars and beyond. The most recent, most interesting, most unusual, is exactly what you might not find in any newspaper or magazine, or don’t hear in any transmission – you can read in our news page.

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A car for Steve

It is well-known that Steve Jobs used to drive only Mercedes and only Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG. It’s interesting to know that his car never had the license plates and was replaced twice a year. And that’s all because Jobs made a contract with a car shop which would give him another SL 55 every half a year. And California law allowed to drive without license plates for 6 months. But why was it profitably for the shop? It’s simple! Every car once been driven by Steve Jobs will gain a huge price profit and will be sold easily.

Interesting fact from the past

In 1977 in Moscow were three «Mercedes» – the first at the CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev in his collection of cars, the second (green) – at the famous Vladimir Vysotsky, and the third (blue) – at the world chess champion Karpov, this was his first car. Due to the small number of cars of this brand, traffic cop did not need to check the documents of the drivers – could be seen from afar, who is approaching . However, Chess King had a certificate that allowed him not to be inspected on the road.

The exhibition in Hanover

Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover is going to be replenished a new exhibit – Mercedes-Benz Citan, cargo-minivan. Name is formed from fusion of two English words «city», and «titan». The exterior of this car will fit the new corporate style to produce some of the most popular car that is going to offer consumers passenger, cargo and the combined modification with a few new «chips». The exhibition will be in September, and new «Mercedes-Benz» will appear at dealers before the end of 2012.

Mercedes-Benz introduced the third generation of Viano/Vito cars

Back in 2004, Mercedes-Benz introduced the current generation of cars Viano / Vito, staying unchanged until 2010, before they made a little change in the form of bumper and headlights. And now the development of a third-generation Viano started, although the characteristics of these cars are not officially released yet. However anybody can see their photos in the Internet . The only thing we know at the moment – is that the new car is expected to be a «hybrid», which means that in addition to the fuel tank, there will be an electric motor in it.

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