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Transferring passengers is one of the most responsible kinds of service the population is provided with. The most important activity in this field is obviously passenger's safety guaranteed. In order to follow this item it's necessary to have a good car. The autopark of the company «Квадрига» consists only of «Mercedes-Benz» cars. These cars don't need any recomandation, any consumer, even the one who is not aware of automobiles properly, knows for sure:

  • «Mercedes» is a prestigious car whether you have arrived at the business meeting or meet your foreign partners, this car only adds your respectability.
  • «Mersedes» means the comfort, its cosy and spacious saloon lets the passenger place himself with comfort, both at the back seat and next to the driver regardless the passenger's growth;
  • «Mercedes» means a wonderful outlook so this car can beautify any cortege;
  • «Mercedes» means the quality and safety.

What requirements does the passenger have for the modern car? Comfort and high level of safety and these qualities are the main features of our cars.

You just ought to point in your order which certain purpose you need the car for and we will select the model of an appropriate kind and colour.

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